Thursday, October 9, 2008

things i love/hate thursday

my original plan for this post was to make it just "things i love thursday." i've seen it on a few other blogs and it just seems like a good way for me to realize that my life doesn't suck. but halfway through that romanticism, shit started going downhill. thus, things i love/hate thursday was born.

first, things i love:

1. this youtube kid, bo burnham
my brother showed me this. i like this kid, but yeah, i he kind of sounds like he's a big fan of the commercials.

2. the blog of unnecessary quotation marks

it's just so good, it really needs no explanation.

and now, things i hate:

1. teenagers on power trips:
i work at a toy store with a gaggle of other girls, all of which happen to be under the age of 20 (with the exception of the manager), and usually i'm pretty good with this. but yesterday, we got a shipment that filled the entire back room (to get ready for christmas). the girl i was working with and i worked on it all night with the exception of helping customers, and stopping a little early to close the store.

anyway, the other girl who went in this morning evidently texted (how passive aggressive of her, i know) the girl i worked with and asked if we were sure we unpacked all the boxes we could have in our time, "because it's 3:00 pm and we just got done with the rest of the boxes you guys left over and we got a shipment of 50 more today."

BITCH PLEASE. you're in no positive to be authoritative. that's basically it. and fuck yes, we did all the boxes we could have done on our shift, thankyouverymuch.

2. people who threaten to move to canada when they talk about the mccain/palin ticket:
now, don't mistake me for a mccain/palin (or bush) fan myself but come on. i don't exactly know why this bothers me so much, but i have a feeling these people have something to do with it:

the guy is like scott peterson with the mouth of a cartoon character whose misguidedly trying to make his music career take off and the girl mostly just bothers me because of the way she says palin. i guess it's okay, though.

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