Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bathroom politics

in 2004 i moved into a dorm at my (old) school that was gender-specific and had public bathrooms at either side of each hall. maybe this is when i cozied up to the idea of using shared bathrooms.

if you had to poop, you had to poop. and you had to do it when someone else was in the bathroom because there was almost always someone else in the bathroom. the prissiest sorority to walk the planet also lived in my dorm, so i got used to the looks when i walked out without washing my hands after i peed.

you know what? you don't need to wash your hands after you pee. do you know why? pee is sterile (except maybe in the case of kidney disease). that means there are no germs in it. even if there were, i'm not wiping with only my hands.

but hey, i got an 83 on my calculus quiz (that i thought i failed), but i got a 69 on my accounting test (that i felt pretty good about). oh well, that's the first test. i've got some more to make up for it.